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Before you can begin earning with your publisher website, you must follow these steps:

1. Register as a Publisher.
2. Make sure that your website and content adheres to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
3. Ensure that your website has a Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages that are easily accessible by one or max two clicks from the home page. It's important that these pages are obvious for visitors to reach and not intentionally hidden.
4. Submit each website that you wish to monetize using our ad codes for approval.  Sites can take between 24 hours to two weeks for approval.
4. Approved websites will show on your user profile as approved.
5. Rejected websites will not show premium ads and cannot be monetized.  Sites that violent our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will be rejected.
6. Make sure to select the appropriate size ad codes to place on your website on the banner size spaces that correspond.
7. Once approved and base on the quality of your sites traffic, ads will begin to serve that may include ads outside of your pre-subscribe banner spaces.